5/6/2020 Stonebrook Health & Rehabilitation Donation

心手相连,关爱延伸至康复机构。北加州的Stonebrook Health &Rehabilitation,发需求申请,该机构目前收治COVID-19治疗结束后的病患,治愈隔离期病人复阳风险高,防护需求缺口大,我们将100个KN95口罩、400个医用口罩、 400个一次性口罩,以及100个防护面罩送达,希望可以在更多更好的物资抵达前,提供给他们基本安全保护。

Stonebrook Health & Rehabilitation in the Northern California admits patients who have been treated for COVID-19 and folks who are in quarantined. The risk of exposure to the coronavirus is particularly high for the staff. We sent 100 KN95 masks, 400 medical surgical masks, 400 one-time masks, and 100 protective masks to protect the staff.

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06/26/2020 Eden Medical Center, CA

向北加州的Eden Medical Center的护士J. Feng捐赠380个KN95口罩 ,400个医用鞋套。J.Feng 所工作的COVID19 组可领取物资有限,她以个人名义接受华援捐赠后,再分发给他们组其他70个一线护士。 We've donated 380 KN95 masks and 400 medical shoe cover to nurse J. Feng from Eden

06/25/2020 Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound, WA

向华盛顿州的养老院Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound捐赠800个外科口罩。 We donated 800 surgical masks to Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound, WA, a short-term post-acute nursing and rehabilitation facility.

06/22/2020 Comprehensive Cardiovascular Specialists, Alhambra, CA

向洛杉矶Comprehensive Cardiovascular Specialists门诊捐赠24个N95口罩、10个KN95口罩、200个外科口罩。该门诊重新开业后主要收治新冠复原的病人,此批物资用于医务人员防护。 We donated 24 N95 masks, 10 KN95 masks, 200 surgical masks to Comprehensive Cardiovascular