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4/28/2020 Beaumont Hospital, Michigan

心心相惜,密西根州Beaumont Hospital为了缓解我们的捐赠压力,自行付费派遣 UPS上门取件。5 月 5 日,华援无疆提供的600个医用口罩和200个防护面罩顺利被送到医护手中。

Beaumont Health is Michigan’s largest health care system. We sent 600 medical surgical masks and 200 protective masks to the Beaumont Health via UPS (paid by Beaumont Hospital).

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向北加州的Eden Medical Center的护士J. Feng捐赠380个KN95口罩 ,400个医用鞋套。J.Feng 所工作的COVID19 组可领取物资有限,她以个人名义接受华援捐赠后,再分发给他们组其他70个一线护士。 We've donated 380 KN95 masks and 400 medical shoe cover to nurse J. Feng from Eden

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