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04/16/2020 华援无疆目前已募集的物资汇总

截止4月16日,华援无疆已经募集到N95 8210 Mask 20个,N95 8511 Mask 130个,KN95 Mask 90个, N95 Mask Non-medical 20个, Surgical Mask 4900个,FFP2 Mask 340个,Non-Medical Face Mask 2450个,Face Shield 1002个, Replaceable Protective Film 20个, Goggle 12个,Shoe Covers620套, Purell (2L) 3个以及Gloves 900副,折合现金接近$7, 397.


Zheng ZhiDan: N95 8210 Mask 20个, Surgical Mask 60个,Face Shield 2个,Replaceable Protective Film 20个, Goggle 2个,Shoe Covers 620套,Purell (2L) 3桶,Gloves 400个

Yue Wang: N95 8511 Mask 100个,surgical Mask 1500个

Yuan Li: FFP2 Mask 140个

Zhan Jin:N95 8511 Mask 30个,Surgical Mask 2800个, Non-Medical Face Mask 2000个, Goggle 10个

Vivian:Surgical Mask 200个

Yen Lan Feng:FFP2 Mask 200个

Yang Liao: Non-Medical Face Mask 50个

Jing Bian:Surgical Mask 20个

Ziling Wang:Surgical Mask 50个

Yong Wang: KN95 Mask 10个,Surgical Mask 170个,Non-Medical Face Mask 50个, Gloves 100个

Lu Fang: KN95 Mask 80个, Non-Medical Face Mask 350个

Cheng Ye: Gloves 400个

Xiaomei Zhao:N95 Mask Non-medical 20个

Im Chan Cindy Ho: Surgical Mask 100个

Here is our total donation tally so far: 20 N95 8210 masks, 130 N95 8511 masks, 90 KN95 masks, 20 non-medical N95 masks, 4,900 surgical masks, 340 FFP2 masks, 2,450 non-medical face masks, 1,002 face shields, 20 replaceable protective films, 12 goggles, 620 shoe covers, 3 2L Purell hand sanitizers and 900 gloves, with a total estimated value of $7,397.

Here are our donors (ordered by donating timeline) :

Zheng ZhiDan: N95 8210 Mask 20x, Surgical Mask 60x,Face Shield 2x,Replaceable Protective Film 20x, Goggle 2x,Shoe Covers 620x,Purell (2L) 3x,Gloves 400x

Yue Wang: N95 8511 Mask 100x,surgical Mask 1500x

Yuan Li: FFP2 Mask 140x

Zhan Jin:N95 8511 Mask 30x,Surgical Mask 2800x, Non-Medical Face Mask 2000x, Goggle 10x

Vivian:Surgical Mask 200x

Yen Lan Feng:FFP2 Mask 200x

Yang Liao: Non-Medical Face Mask 50x

Jing Bian:Surgical Mask 20x

Ziling Wang:Surgical Mask 50x

Yong Wang: KN95 Mask 10x,Surgical Mask 170x,Non-Medical Face Mask 50x, Gloves 100x

Lu Fang: KN95 Mask 80x, Non-Medical Face Mask 350x

Cheng Ye: Gloves 400x

Xiaomei Zhao:N95 Mask Non-medical 20x

Im Chan Cindy Ho: Surgical Mask 100x

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